What’s your superpower?



Michal Benedick and Richard Doust are offering a 3 day workshop for you to identify and explore the potential of your unique high-performance action sequence, or as we say in French: your singularité!

Our uniqueness, our unique high-performance action sequence is in a way a kind of Superpower. And the good news is, we’ve all got one. Every one of us. And the other good news is, our Superpower is unique to us.
In the workshop “Explore your uniqueness” you’ll learn to discover and stand up for your own unique high-performance action sequence, the one that you use all the time *most of the time without knowing it*, the one that you excel in. You’ll find your true underlying role, that precious capacity that only you have.

This workshop has already had great success in its French version which is why we are now extending it and creating this version in English.

– Only 6 places for this workshop ! –

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Michal BenedickMichelangelo said that the work of the sculptor was to chip away the stone to reveal the sculpture hiding within. This quest has also accompanied me throughout all my professional development: first during art studies, later as a professional communication consultant and finally today in my coaching practice: my work is to help individuals and groups to remove the superfluous so that they may touch the essence. What I particularly love about my mission is that each encounter is a yet another opportunity to see how every one of us is both unique and exceptional.


img_0348Richard Doust is a native English speaking actor, musician, coach and facilitator who has been living in Strasbourg, France for over 20 years. He is also a scientist, researching the formal characteristics of stories and ‘story-like things’. His multicultural awareness (he speaks 5 languages) and feeling for embodiment combined with strong listening skills make him the ideal partner for Michal Benedick’s approach to finding and consciously standing up for your unique superpower in your life and professional path.


“This workshop was amazing in the way it led me to find out about my uniqueness. The coaches really adapted their style to each participant’s needs and speed, always looking for the internal balance between growing awareness and desire to change. They really listened deeply to everyone. I really recommend taking part in this workshop that really boosted my motivation and my awareness of my own personal superpower ! Thankyou !!”

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Practical information:

The standard fee for participants is 900 euro for the 3 days. As we’re still at the pilot phase for this new extended workshop, we are offering it today at the special one-time-only fee of 150 euros. In exchange for this reduction we would like to ask you to give us your honest feedback and a written testimonial at the end of the workshop. We will also check up with you on some of the effects of the workshop 6 to 8 weeks later.

13, 14, 15 January 2017

Strasbourg, (exact venue to be confirmed)

Nombre of participants:
Only 6 places for this workshop!

9:30 – 18:00 every day with coffee breaks and one 1:30 lunch break.
And remember, first come, first served!

>> I want to be part of the adventure!